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You can add a subheader, or tagline, to your Joomla 4 site. It's easy to do, the only problem is finding where to do it...

The subheader or tagline is some text that appears under the site name at the top of every page like the text here:

A tagline or subheader

In this image, "The Professional Site of Jason Ross, Software Architect and Engineer" is the subheader. The text isn't configured where you might think it would be though - that's why I added this article.

To add or update the subtitle text on your site, you need to go to the System Menu, and then:

  1. Site Template Styles
  2. Cassiopeia - Default (or whatever template you're using)
  3. Advanced tab

The subheader text appears in the Tagline field, the one labelled "Optional text to show as a subheading". Once you've edited the tagline field, just click on the "Save & Close" button to update the text.

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